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General translation

Translation by a certified translator. Proofread including cross-check with source text (two-phase service).

Hourly rate
from $60

Price per word
from $0.20


General texts without specialist terminology

Specialist translation

Expert translation by a certified translator. Proofread including cross-check with source text (two-phase service).

Hourly rate
from $60

Price per word
from $0.25


Financial, legal, medical, industrial, IT, scientific, complex text


Creative translations freely adapted by certified copywriters and translators to the highest standards. For when only the best will do. Proofread including cross-check with source text (two-phase service).

Hourly rate
from $60

Price per word
from $0.35


Advertising copy, press releases, communication, marketing, web copy, SEO

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24 hours

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48 hours

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More than just a translation agency.

With our unique order processing system and in-house language managers, Supertext is a full-service language service provider for global businesses.


Specialist translators

From financial experts to doctors, we work together with specialist translators from all over the world. Every translator is rigorously tested by our language managers before joining the Supertext team.



We translate InDesign documents directly in the layout, take care of line breaks and adjust text length so that the translation fits perfectly.


Translation memory

To ensure that product names, slogans, terms and whole phrases are always translated consistently, we create translation memories. Your existing TMs from Trados, Across, memoQ or Wordfast can be integrated seamlessly.


Integration with CMS

Our IT department develops plugins for a seamless translation workflow with content management systems such as Drupal, Typo3, Wordpress and Magento.


In-house language managers

We have in-house language managers for our French, Italian and English projects. So Supertext is not a portal or an order processor, but a team of language experts.


SSL encryption

Your documents are stored on a server with 256-bit encryption behind bulletproof glass.


Advantage Plus Trados Partner

Supertext has been an Advantage Plus Partner of SDL Trados, the leading provider of IT-supported translation solutions, since 2010.


Intranet solutions

We develop connectivity to our services from your company's intranet.


Web-based order system

Our unique web-based, platform-independent order processing system ranks as one of the most technically advanced language service systems in Europe. We can customize the system in response to your needs, flexibly and optimally.


Open interface (API)

Our open interface enables direct access to our complete copywriting and translation services. For an easy, uncomplicated workflow.


Personal contact

We look forward to putting a good word in for you and your business. Please feel free to call us or arrange an obligation-free appointment.

Tel: +1 (424) 387 7375
Email: info@supertext.com

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Time pressure relief.

Martin Vogel, Head of Marketing and Communications, Swiss Casinos

Uncomplicated, super-reliable and always on time.

Meike Princelle, Key Account Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic

Intelligent and creative

Moritz Adler, Product Manager Mobile-Team, Local

Often and with pleasure.

Marco Burri, Head of Hirslanden Healthline, Hirslanden Healthline

Worth every penny.

Mahmud Tschannen, Blog Administrator, tagesanzeiger.ch

Super work, good job and buen trabajo.

Sonja Baumann, Head of Brand Communications, Zimmerli Textil AG