Language services for global businesses.

Outsourcing solutions for copywriting, translation and proofreading.

The language service for your business:
Supertext Corporate.

Higher quality, lower costs – thanks to customized language services and cutting-edge language technologies. And an in-house team of project managers, language managers, translators, copywriters and proofreaders.

Speak for themselves:
our references.

Consolidate copywriting, translation and proofreading services throughout your company with an expert language service for all departments.


Supertext implements an online translation platform for Swisscom.

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A customized portal for Ringier consolidates all translation projects.

University Hospital Zurich

Online corporate solution for University Hospital Zurich and its more than 40 clinics.


A personalized order platform integrated directly into the intranet of BKW and its partners.

Consistent corporate language throughout your company.

Company-specific translation memories and termbases guarantee consistent corporate language throughout your company.


Company-specific translation memory

We will create a translation memory for your company or upgrade your existing translation database in line with the latest standards.


In-house team of certified translators and copywriters

Our structured evaluation process ensures you receive the right copywriters and translators that are suited – and dedicated – to your business. We will also integrate your existing translation partner into the team.


Company-specific termbase for terminology

For company-specific terms, we create a termbase – a glossary of all copy and translations is available for your work.


Integration with content management systems

Our language services can be integrated directly into your CMS and editorial system – we will develop the necessary plug-ins.

Just like an in-house language team. With all the advantages of direct communication.

Supertext Corporate puts together a team with personal contacts especially for your company, offering you much more than anonymous copywriters and translators.


Project managers and consultants

Your experienced partner for projects, big or small.


Language managers

Experts on their native language for quality assurance.


Copywriters, translators, proofreaders

A select team of in-house copywriters, translators, and proofreaders.

Super-efficient processing of your copywriting and translation projects.

Quick, convenient, uncomplicated. A system that saves you time, money and stress. And focuses on what really matters: content and copy.


Online price calculator

Find out the price instantly.


Real-time reporting

Have complete control over your projects.


Order management

View the status of any order at any time.


Invoice summary

Check completed and outstanding payments.


Responsive design

Supertext’s Corporate Solution is platform-independent and optimized for PCs, tablets and cellphones.


256-bit SSL encryption

Supertext’s SSL certificate offers up to 256-bit encryption and guarantees at least 40-bit encryption even in outdated browsers.

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Supertext lowers the cost of your language services.

Relieve the pressure of fixed personnel and infrastructure costs on your budget with a streamlined outsourcing solution. And benefit from volume-dependent kickback offers.

Globalization and digitalization are creating an ever growing need for language services, which leads to increasing expenditure for your company. Expanding your own language service department increases costs per capita and without investment in sophisticated language technologies, efficiency in short-term order processing will also suffer. By contrast, Supertext’s Corporate Solution can reduce pressure on your budget with lower rates per word as order volumes grow.

One for all. All for you.

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