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Working for Supertext as a freelancer.

We receive piles of applications every week. So make sure yours stands out: with extensive experience or an excellent cover letter.

Working for Supertext as a freelancer
Freelance copywriters, writers, journalists

We are looking for creative wordsmiths and sentence polishers with experience in advertising, PR or corporate communication; SEO is also becoming an important area. To avoid disappointment, please apply only if you have experience working with agencies or similar, and/or highly impressive references for your freelance work.

Working for Supertext as a freelancer
Specialist translators

We are looking for qualified translators with a degree or equivalent in languages and long-term experience in the advertising, marketing, financial, medical, legal or industrial sectors. Target regions in particular demand are Romandy, Ticino and the UK. Outshine the rest with a really well written cover letter and impressive CV.

Working for Supertext as a freelancer
Editors and proofreaders

We are looking exclusively for qualified editors and proofreaders with experience in media or publishing as well as in the checking and polishing of translations. Proven experts in the advertising, financial, medical and legal industries are in particular demand.

This is how we work together.

Personally. Systematically. Quickly. And simply. Our freelancers can concentrate fully on the copy at hand, because we take care of the rest.


Tracking projects

Whether PC, Mac, Linux, laptop, iPhone or internet café – with your Supertext password you can log in using any of the standard browsers. Your jobs are always under your control. Every job includes a briefing with detailed information, source material and the document that needs to be worked on. You download the document and work on it using your Word, Excel or PowerPoint programs. Then you upload it again and the job is finished.


Job offers

All incoming projects from our clients are carefully checked. If a project fits your profile, we'll offer you the job via email. We'll also indicate the deadline and the fee. By logging in with you password, you can accept the job directly and immediately without lengthy correspondence – simple!


Monthly payments

As a freelancer, you can send us an invoice for finished jobs at any time. Or you can save yourself the trouble and click on our billing tool once a month. It automatically generates your invoice to Supertext. You can then download the PDF and keep it with your records.


Joining the database

Save your profile in our system. Complete your profile with work samples, references and certificates. We’re interested in learning about your experience in specific fields and industries. We save and sort all profiles in our freelancer database and will contact with you when the opportunity arises.


One contact person

Finally, you can do what you like doing best and focus wholeheartedly on the copy at hand. We'll take care of the nerve-racking communication with clients and squabbling over fees and deadlines for you.


Supertext is not a portal or an order processor. We are a business partner you can rely on – with dedicated advisors for our clients and freelancers.

Teamwork at Supertext: Client – Project Manager – Language Manager – Copywriter and Translor

Every client has a single point of contact who is responsible for all their projects.

The direct contact for our freelancers are our French, Italian and English language managers. They coordinate and check your work.

Register as a freelancer.

Submit your application to our freelancer database. The process takes around 15 minutes in total.