The only thing we can’t improve in your annual reports – the numbers.

Reporting with Supertext – the translation and copywriting agency.

Multilingual annual reports.

We write, translate, edit, revise and proofread financial statements, annual and quarterly reports, and other financial documents.

Idea, concept and text

We develop creative ideas for storytelling in your annual reports.

Hourly rate
CHF 150

Price per word
CHF 1.50

Specialist translation

By an experienced, qualified financial translator. Proofreading included.

Hourly rate
CHF 120

Price per word
CHF 0.50

Ready to print

Revision and proofreading. In your editorial system. Or in PDF.

Hourly rate
CHF 120

Price per word
CHF 0.20

Reference projects for editing and translation of financial reports.

In a good annual report, it’s not just the numbers that count – words do too.

Migros annual report

Migros has produced its annual reports exclusively online since 2009. And Supertext has been responsible for the translations since 2010.

Holzbau Schweiz annual report

Supertext translates both the annual report and legislative brochure.

Goldbach Group annual report

Supertext was responsible for the English translation of the entire annual report in 2014.

Multilingual financial reporting according to IFRS. Or GAAP FER.

We help ensure companies comply with international standards in reports for shareholders, investors and the general public.

Integrated with CMS such as ns.publish.

Supertext’s translation services are integrated with a range of content management systems such as ns.publish through plug-ins.

Success factors for creating multilingual annual reports.

These factors are also integral to corporate communications and investor relations.


Clear and consistent terminology


Conformity with international financial standards


Compliance with the corporate language


Experienced financial editors and specialist translators


256-bit encryption of all data


Punctuality and reliability

A clear statement from our clients.

Read the only thing we don’t write ourselves – client feedback.

Annina Arpagaus, General Secretary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Timely, clear and consistent.

Annina Arpagaus, General Secretary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives

One for all. All for you.

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